Web Design

I am currently a volunteer staff member on several video game fan sites, the most prominent being Link’s Hideaway (LH) and Nintendo Castle (NC). My role at Link’s Hideaway is titled as Co-Webmaster. This entails a few different roles ranging from editor to content creator, and occasionally dealing with the sites code and custom CMS. During my college years, my role has been more on counseling staff members on new ideas and major site changes.

For Nintendo Castle I have been given the title of Administrator. In years prior, my job was to manage both the LH and NC podcasts as well as both sites graphic designs. Version 4.0 of the site was mainly edited and compiled by myself. That included replacing the old menu with images, new social icons, moving original code to other files, creating new code to help keep the site looking nice. It was a great chance to re-learn the basics of HTML, and to further my knowledge of PHP and CSS design through the old Wordpress backend. For more information on the graphics, please check here.

During the latter two years of my college career I was in charge of the York Review website as the Digital Editor. I manage the PDF archives, online content, and design of the website. This lead to editing the PHP and CSS to make the site work and look how we wanted it to look, which required more in depth learning than on any other Wordpress site I had tackled prior. This includes displaying information on posts not normally available (thanks to a plugin that would be given the information) and editing the posts, archives, and searches to display only the information we wanted.

Past Works

At Kennard-Dale High School I took Web Design I and Web Design II (intro to programing and web development classes). Below are a list of sites I was a webmaster for, or created entirely as an assignment. I no longer work on these sites, and only Kennard-Dale’s design has been greatly altered since my involvement.

Felton Union Volunteer Fire Company — Felton, Pennsylvania — Creator, create site containing all information needed for general public and set up Google services for ease of use

Kennard-Dale High School — Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania — Student Webmaster, kept entire site up-to-date and aided teachers and staff with usage

Slateville Presbyterian Church — Delta, Pennsylvania — Webmaster, upload pamphlets for each month via FTP and keep home page up-to-date with latest news